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Eat, Drink and Be M…indful of Cancer Risk Zosia Chustecka December 30, 2014Just after the feasting during the Christmas period and just before the celebrations for seeing the New Year in, which often entail much drinking, comes a reminder from Cancer Research UK that excessive food and alcohol consumption are high up on the list of preventable […]

Weight Loss WINS in Breast Cancer Kathy D. Miller, MD, Jennifer A. Ligibel, MD December 24, 2014 Obesity, Recurrence, and Mortality Kathy D. Miller, MD: I’m Kathy Miller, professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. Welcome to this edition of Medscape Oncology Insights, coming to you from the 2014 San Antonio Breast […]

Low-Fat Diet Improves Survival in Some Breast Cancer Patients Zosia Chustecka December 15, 2014Long-awaited survival data from the Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS), which began in 1994 and evaluated a low-fat diet intervention as an adjuvant breast cancer therapy, show that there was no statistically significant reduction in mortality in the overall study population. However, there was […]

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