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Overweight Teens Often Underestimate Their Weight Pam Harrison July 17, 2015A significant proportion of overweight or obese adolescents in the United States and the United Kingdom think they are just about the right weight and are not concerned about their weight status, two new studies suggest. “Adolescents with accurate self-perceptions of their body weight have greater readiness […]

UPBEAT: Diet Plus Exercise Doesn’t Prevent Gestational Diabetes Veronica Hackethal, MD July 17, 2015A behavioral intervention that combines diet and exercise did not prevent gestational diabetes (GDM) or large-for-gestational age (LGA) babies in obese pregnant women, according to results from one of the largest randomized controlled trials to look at this issue. Results from the UK Pregnancies […]

High Levels of Vitamin C May Decrease Ischemic HD and Mortality Risks Deborah Brauser July 17, 2015COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Although findings that a healthy diet is good for the heart aren’t really a surprise anymore, new research suggests that this may be because of the increase in vitamin-C levels that come from a high intake of fruit […]

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